Measure & integrate call statistics in your marketing to evaluate…

  • - How many calls is your website generating?

  • - From where are callling your leads?

  • - What is the conversion between page views and calls?

Start measuring now


  • A phone call is a highly qualified lead, Call Analytics analyses these phone leads

  • Get a full view on your phone leads accross medias, caller location, trigger of calls…

  • Decide exactly what you want to measure by creating as much phone numbers as you want

Evaluate & Improve

  • Call Analytics helps you evaluating performance and ROI of your campaigns

  • You get insight on the final conversion between clicks and calls

  • With direct feedback, you improve your marketing in real time to reach excellence

Start immediatelly

  • No need for hardware, we use your existing telephony

  • No need for software, statistics are directly integrated in Google analytics

  • Measuring and get insight on phone calls is just a few clicks ahead

Call Analytics provides instant insight on phone leads so you can evaluate and improve the success of your campaigns

How it works ?

  • Dedicate as many CleverPhones as you want to measure (per media, region, action...)

  • We transfer calls of you CleverPhones to your existing phone number

  • We take statistics of each call you receive

  • We make them available within Google Analytics

  • You get real time insight on your phone leads and improve your business