Create a local number everywhere that rings everywhere to…

  • - get proximity with your international customers

  • - be 100% available by dispatching call amongs colleagues

  • - have a flexible and scalable phone solution

So, create your business CleverPhone now!

Local everywhere

  • Get an international phone number to create proximity with your customers

  • Local phone numbers ease interaction with your customers

  • Use the local area of your customers when calling

100% reachable

  • Dispatch calls to multiple persons or phones

  • Time based transfers

  • Get your voicemessage straight to your mailbox

Flexible and scalable

  • Get your phone number in seconds

  • No hardware, no software, transfered to your actual phone

  • Easy web based configuration

CleverPhone provides phones numbers all around the world and dispatches calls wherever and whenever with an easy web based configuration

How it works ?

  • Choose the location of your CleverPhone and create it in seconds

  • List phones where you want to dispatch calls (your landline, mobile or colleague's phones)

  • Manage your transfer based on schedules

  • Start making business 'glocally'